I wanted to provide an update on things since I have been MIA while focusing on my work at Salesforce helping customers with their social media strategy.  I’ve wanted to provide an update, but I’m generally so buried in helping others that I really neglect my own social presence, certainly not heeding my own advice.  Yes, shoemakers kids’ issue.

I wanted to start out by pointing out a new book that it just hitting the market this week called Disruption Revolution which is authored by David Passiak.  David interviews some of the top minds around the question of  innovation and how it is disrupting the status quo.  And yes, I am one of his interviewees.  I’ve been talking to David off-and-on throughout his process and following his efforts.  It is a really very impressive list of individuals that he has collected for the book including Brian Solis, Robert Scoble, Jeremiah Owyang, and Seth Godin among others.  I, myself, am looking forward to reading it.

I’ve been looking at Innovation over the past couple of years, mostly in the social space, but in other areas as well.  Most recently I’ve been looking at the need for innovation in the government space (in the US) and realizing that we can be far more effective with our dollars than we have been in the past.  To my mind, the issue comes down to people, far more than technology, when it comes to the limiting factor of how far innovation can go in either the government or corporate arenas.

Companies’ structures and incentives are not set up to handle rapid innovation.  They have been built to provide for operational efficiency, repeating defined processes in an ever increasingly efficient manner.  However, now that technological innovation has become a rapid contributor of new product and solutions, it is difficult for corporations to keep up.  While this is good for smaller companies to fill the void, there will need to be a new corporate model defined for them to follow.  Innovation is going to become more of a primary factor for corporations to remain competitive.

Happy reading….

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