Maybe someone has done the math on this, but I am guessing that for every great customer service experience that is posted online, there are 10 terrible experiences that are posted.  So, with a 10-1 ratio of negative posts, I thought that I would write a quick post on one of my two favorite customer services experiences.

Heelside Snowboards

Several years ago I was in a bar in Tahoe with a few friends and it was getting late.  Many of the people in our group wanted to leave and get to bed so that we could ski the next day.  I wanted to stay for the raffle drawing, not even knowing what they were giving away.  Just as we were collecting our hats and gloves to make our exit, they called my name.  I won a snowboard.

They pulled the snowboard off the wall of the bar and I took it home with me.  The next day I realized that the snowboard was a good size for a 10-12 year old and certainly not someone who was hanging out late in a bar.  Maybe this was their plan to never really give the snowboard away.

Realizing that I would never be able to use this board, I decided to call the manufacturer and see if I could do an exchange.  (BTW, the important part of this story is that the manufacturer is Heelside Snowboards, just in case you are in the market for a new board. )  I called Heelside and explained my story.  Turns out that the board I had was last year’s model.  After getting my size/weight, the person that I talked to said ‘Just send me your board and I’ll send you a new, larger board”.  I thought “How do I ship a snowboard….?”.  So, Heelside said, “I’ll send you the new board first and you can just use the box that it comes in to ship back the board you have”.

WOW!  Really?  You guys don’t even know me.   I’m going to have both boards?  Who does this kind of stuff these days?  Well, Heelside Snowboards does.  I would have been impressed with this experience if I’d bought the board, but given that I got the board because I was out late drinking, I was simply amazed.